Social responsibility
Prioritising sustainable projects
Gneiss is carbon neutral
We are committed to the principles of the Paris Agreement and taking necessary steps to play our part in reducing the impact of climate change.
We support our clients as they navigate the Energy Transition and aspire to achieving their own ESG / Net Zero ambitions.
is the year we reached our goal of becoming carbon neutral
is the year we have commited to becoming carbon negative
renewable energy in our Edinburgh office
tonnes of historical C02 emissions offset
onshore windfarm with turbines on the crest of rolling green hills
This project involves the planting of indigenous woodland in an area close to Loch Ness, which will eventually provide more than 20 000 tCO2 offsetting capacity. We have offset 101 tonnes of scope 3 CO2 emissions by investing in this project.
lush green pine forest
In addition to investing in the Loch Ness project
We have offset 7 tCO2 of historical scope 1 and 2 emissions through carbon removal by investing in the Oregon Biochar project in the USA.

We have also offset 53 tCO2 of historical scope 3 emissions by investing in a 100.5MW wind project in India.
Our investment in 161 tCO2 offsets means that we are already a carbon neutral organisation.
  • Our energy supplier Octopus Energy supplies our Edinburgh office with 100% renewable energy.
  • Our hybrid working model maximises the use of technology to minimise unnecessary business travel.
  • Our newly refurbished London office boasts Category A refurbishment, low energy LED lighting, recycling points throughout and bike racks to encourage sustainable travel to the office.
electric vehicle being recharged
We take social responsibility seriously.
We encourage our team to make better use of sustainable and environmentally friendly modes of transport through our Cycle to Work and Electric Vehicle Car schemes.

We've invested in refurbishing our offices to allow plentiful space for our team to work, break out and de-stress when required throughout their working day.
A staff member taking a call at Gneiss Energy's office.
University of Dundee
Through our longstanding relationship with the University of Dundee, we provide ongoing student mentorship and sponsorship.

We sponsor the Gneiss Energy Prize for Renewables Transition – Best Student. The award recognises the best student thesis for MSc Sustainability: Renewables Transition.
Love Dougalston
Our involvement in the Love Dougalston project is helping to protect a much loved green space and ancient woodland to the north of Scotland’s largest city.
Scottish Energy Forum
Gneiss is proud to sponsor the Scottish Energy Forum, a national forum for the presentation and discussion of views on the economic, industrial, technological and political aspects of all forms of energy.
The forum gives members the chance to hear briefings by specialists of international standing and to benefit from networking with others from a range of energy-related enterprises.
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