Gneiss is a uniquely formed team of energy professionals whose in-depth practical experience and expertise in natural resources derives from years of practice in a wide range of sectors and jurisdictions, enabling us to provide a fully customised service that will align your requirements with exclusive opportunities.

Our team combines a deep knowledge of M&A advisory and financing with hands on practical experience of successfully running day to day operations and growing business value within the energy sector. This combination of attributes and abilities enables us to both accurately value businesses and identify unique investment opportunities.

We work with you to put you in a position to deliver the strategic goals of your business plan, providing guidance and assistance on the issues and decisions facing boards and senior management throughout the growth process; from concept to early stage funding and later stage rounds to IPO and acquisition. This detailed understanding of the entire procedure, combined with our broad sector experience, is our key differentiator.

Gneiss brings its extensive network of relationships across both buy- side and sell side, industry and financing houses. We are regularly engaged with a fully representational cross-section of buyers and sellers, including trade buyers, investors, private equity, buy- side advisors and MBI candidates, and are ideally placed to be able to assess and present to our clients the foremost opportunities from the options existing in the market.


Gneiss is focused on delivering transformational change for its clients. Our goal is to build open and honest relationships with our stakeholders to ensure alignment of interests and the maximisation of value. We act conscientiously and with integrity, whilst committing ourselves to challenging the status quo and finding new ways to grow our clients’ business.




A metamorphic rock; a gneiss is produced by intense alteration or metamorphism of original igneous or sedimentary rocks at high temperatures and pressure. The word comes from the Middle High German verb gneist (to spark) – so called because the rock glitters.

Gneiss has distinct banding due to the proportion of different minerals in layers, and, may contain light bands with abundant quartz and feldspar, together with dark layers with such minerals as hornblende and biotite.

The geology of the Outer Hebrides, NW Scotland is the Lewisian Gneiss – a suite of rocks which are up to 3 billion years old, making them the oldest rocks in Britain and two thirds the age of the Earth. Lewisian Gneiss was mainly original igneous rocks, folded and buried, and altered by heat and pressure. This gneiss forms the basement for much later Scottish geology.


We are currently seeking to expand our team. If you have technical or commercial experience in the energy and/or natural resources sectors, we’d love to hear from you. Please use the form below to indicate your interest.