Posted on: September 5, 2019

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When asked in my preliminary interview what I was looking to get out of the internship with Gneiss Energy, my answer was ”exposure”. Many large-scale internships provide little more than busywork and don’t give interns the opportunity to really involve themselves in worthwhile and fulfilling projects. Here, I felt genuinely challenged by the work required of me and assured that what I was doing was worthwhile and was making a positive impact on the company. The feeling that what you are doing is valuable is an excellent motivator and I thank Gneiss for allowing me the opportunity to deliver my best work during my time here.

At the beginning of my internship I was set a central project to complete by the end of my 13-week contract, the development of a Business Continuity Plan. As someone who hasn’t taken any form of business classes since high school, this was both a challenging and invaluable experience for me. The opportunity to study the inner workings of a business and see how one operates behind the scenes is something I think will serve me extremely well in my career, be that in engineering or the financial sector itself.

As someone at the very beginning of their career, I believe the greatest skill I will take away from this experience is learning how to work professionally and as part of a team. Rarely does a piece of work involve only a single individual and Gneiss has been no exception. Virtually every job I have undertaken has involved other members of the team and effective communication has been essential in the facilitation of the construction of a quality final product. Additionally, interaction with external clients through my assistance of Gneiss in its onboarding procedures has improved my professionalism and given me good insight into the nature of corporate relationships as a whole.

My time at Gneiss has been stimulating, demanding and importantly, fun. I have enjoyed working here immensely and the team have been absolutely fantastic. They have given excellent support where necessary and also given me space to breath and resolve problems for myself where appropriate, and I thank them for this. The team cohesion is one of a kind and this has been a terrific place to work. I look forward to seeing what the future holds and putting what I’ve learnt here to use again.

Teig Feeney

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